Concierge Medical Training

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A growing number of physicians and patients across the country are recognizing the limitations of the traditional healthcare system, and as a result, are turning to concierge medicine.

The concierge model gives physicians both a better life-work balance and the ability to sustain their medical careers long term. In addition, the model gives doctors more time to focus on preventative care and wellness, and more time to address patients’ concerns at each visit — benefits that appeal to both physicians and patients alike.

MyPracticeConnect™’s Concierge Medicine Training equips practitioners with the necessary tools and resources to implement a Concierge Medicine model of practice.
Some of the topics this training covers include (among others):
  • Concierge Medicine Benefits to Patients;
  • Concierge Medicine Benefits to Physicians;
  • The Annual Revenue Opportunity for Concierge Physicians;
  • How to Achieve a Seamless Practice Transition;
  • Going Independent: Key Tips and Resources for Financial Planning, Marketing, Risk Management, and Sales & Client Services.
  • Transition Training for Medical and Support Staff.