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If you are just getting started or looking for more IV protocols to offer, we can help!

Dr. Agin’s advanced IV Protocols use vitamins, minerals, amino acids, peptides, antioxidants, and add-on options.  They are used in centers throughout the United States and abroad, including Dr. Agin’s own medical center for over 2 decades.

Our IV Protocol/Recipe sheets give comprehensive instructions, specifying the precise amount of each product to be added, identifying potential contraindications, including any bloodwork prerequisites, providing pre-calculated osmolarity values, and accentuating any specialized instructions required for each protocol. This meticulous documentation is designed to facilitate a streamlined, easy-to-follow, safe process for your personnel in the preparation of the Nutrient IV bags.

Protocols/Recipes Include:

  • Anti-Aging IV
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid IV
  • Standard Myers’ Cocktail IV
  • Supercharged Myers’ Cocktail IV
  • Weight Loss Support IV
  • Stress & Anxiety IV
  • Athletic Performance and Recovery IV
  • Hydrogen Peroxide IV
  • EDTA Chelation IV
  • Glutathione IV (Parkinson’s protocol or Glo IV for Skin)
  • Hydration IV
  • Migraine Relief IV
  • Pain Relief IV
  • Late Night Relief (Hangover IV)
  • Immune Booster Travel IV
  • Super Immune IV
  • Pre and Post Surgery IV
  • Quick Calm IV
  • High Dose Vitamin C IVs (25g, 50g, 75g, 100g)
  • Myers’ cocktail IV Push
  • NAD+ Therapy (as add-on, IV, and SubQ injections)
live, virtual or in-person training available
What is included with training?
Inital Live, Virtual or In-Person Session with Dr. Agin

During your inital session, Dr. Agin will go over basic IV education, why every patient is a candidate for Nutrient IV Therapy, and other therapy pearls. Also, you will learn clinical application, how to hold an IV consult, business implementation strategies, marketing tips, safety, contraindications, plus get answers to questions that pertain specifically to your business model or practice.

Patient & Provider Resources, eRx Platform

20+ IV Protocols with instructions, consent forms, white-labeled patient resources for each IV, provider resources, nutrient injection dosing cheat sheet for both in-office injections and patient-specific at-home injection kits. eRx Platform Account allows your practice to prescribe, manage, and track all of your wholesale wellness meds from multiple compounding pharmacies all in one main portal.

Post-training Medical Support for Your Staff

The #1 reason practitioners fail to start using new therapies is due to lack of confidence, and lack of medical support when questions arise. We always say, the real training begins when you start using new therapies in your office. We set you and your staff up on our HIPAA compliant chat app that allows your staff to send questions to our entire team so you can feel confident when starting.