Peptide Therapies


What is Peptide Therapy?

Peptides occur naturally in the body and are present in every living cell. Like proteins, peptides are composed of amino acids and are created when two or more amino acids are joined together.

Peptide therapy can be prescribed to both men and women to improve athletic performance and fitness, support general wellness, and overcome health declines associated with aging, illness, and disease. To gain a better understanding of how peptide therapy works, the following information provides an overview of health declines associated with aging; growth hormone and growth hormone releasers; peptides and peptide therapy; and sexual dysfunction.

Through the aging process, it’s common for people to experience progressive health declines in areas of strength, aerobic capacity, libido, and energy among others. Growth hormone (GH) secretion also declines progressively with age, and many age-related changes are similar in many ways to those signs and symptoms found in younger adults with GH deficiency (AGHD).

hormons & aging
Peptide therapy can help correct hormone imbalances, decrease symptoms of aging, and provide other benefits including:
Increased energy and cognitive function
Improved bone density & skin elasticity
Improved muscle tone and stamina
Enhanced sex drive for men and women
Thicker, fuller hair
Lower body fat and cholesterol levels
Decreased joint and muscle pain
Slow the aging process
More health benefits
Peptide Therapy aids in the treatment of these common conditions:
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