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A growing number of physicians and patients across the country are recognizing the limitations and failures of the traditional healthcare system, including the confinements of a insurance based model.  As a result, both practitioners and patients are turning to and seeking out concierge medicine.

Many practitioners start in  medicine determined not to let insurance and pharmaceutical companies keep them from delivering medicine the way it should be.  Of course, this stance is not easy for doctors in an insurance driven healthcare system, but determination, commitment, a network of like-minded peers, and education can help you prevail.  You can switch to a hybrid or cash-based model, or expand your practice to offer wellness therapies dedicated to optimizing health, preventing disease, and increasing overall quality of life.  

A concierge approach to medicine is a very important and special type of medicine that will continue to shape the way healthcare will be delivered in the future. This type of medicine can only be delivered by establishing superior patient relationships that need to be developed over time without unrealistic time constraints and regulations of conventional models. 

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