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At My Practice Connect™ in N. Clearwater, FL, we’ve designed the ERX Platform to streamline and simplify wellness medicine to promote the success of your practice and enhance your ability to treat and serve your patients. This platform centralizes your EMR and allows you to prescribe compounded solutions for your patients while also providing additional benefits that can elevate your practice and set you apart as a comprehensive wellness provider.

What Is the ERX Platform?

My Practice Connect™ designed the ERX Platform to streamline electronic prescriptions by providing providers with immediate access to multiple compounding pharmacies through one portal. It connects you with FDA-registered 503A and 503B pharmacies.

Within the ERX platform, you can prescribe, order, and manage patient subscriptions and avoid phone calls, faxes, and the need to manage multiple pharmacy portals. Instead, you can track and manage all of your patient prescriptions through a single platform.

How It Works

Not only can you prescribe, manage, and track pharmacy orders from multiple locations, but you’ll be able to toggle between pharmacies with a click of a button, compare prescription prices from one pharmacy to the next, direct message pharmacies as needed, and view the pharmacy’s available stock before placing an order.

Then, you can place specific orders for your patients or create bulk orders and even create refill reminders so that your patients never go without their compounded medications. There are several pharmacies available on the system, and that number will only continue to grow over time. Some of the current compounding pharmacies available through the ERX Platform are:

  • Empower Pharmacy
  • APS Pharmacy
  • Promise Pharmacy Compounding Specialists
  • Wells Pharmacy Network

The Benefits of a My Practice Connect™ Account

Once you begin using the My Practice Connect™ Account, you’ll immediately have access to the system and can experience all the benefits that it offers. Your immediate online access to all available FDA-registered compounding pharmacies will enable you to better serve your clients and streamline your operations while avoiding phone calls and faxes. The account provides that much-needed organizational aspect, allowing you to keep all of your prescription information for your patients in one place.

Saving Money and Increasing Revenue

You’ll also increase your cash-based revenue by ordering the necessary compounded medications at the wholesale price and then adjusting patient cost to the retail value. Once you begin using the account, you’ll never have to plan around any recurring monthly or annual fees, and you can also add multiple prescribers or office locations as needed at no additional cost.

Easy Access to FDA-Registered Compounding Pharmacies

One of the main benefits of the ERX platform is that it provides you with the accessibility you need to better serve your patients.

The easy access to different FDA-registered compounding pharmacies will save you time in the short and long term. Plus, you’ll never have to change your EMR. This platform streamlines ordering and managing compounded medications through a single portal to simplify your life and daily operations.

Benefiting More Patients

The ERX platform also lets you purchase quality physician-formulated supplements wholesale and ship them directly to your patient’s home. This eliminates the need for patients to visit the pharmacy, wait in line, and deal with the hassles of prescription pickup.

Instead, they can have their compounded solutions delivered directly to their door to simplify the process. This option will elevate your practice and help draw in new patients who value their time and who are looking for a practice that does, as well.

Nutrient IV Protocols, Wellness Protocols, and Patient Resources

The My Practice Connect™ Account also provides you with access to over 20 nutrient IV protocols. You’ll also receive the corresponding patient resources and necessary consent forms and will have access to different wellness protocols that can help you better treat your patients, including wellness protocols for autism, insomnia, low libido, anxiety, fibromyalgia, and others.

This platform also includes resources to help educate providers on excelling in marketing, social media, business building, and patient compliance.

Private and Group Trainings With Dr. Agin and His Team

If you are interested in adding different wellness therapies to your practice or want to expand your offerings, we offer different private and group training options with Dr. Agin and his team that can enable you to better serve your patients and benefit your practice.

These training options can extend the reach of a traditional medicine practice or expand the reach of an integrative medical practice or medical spa. The available training modules include:

  • Peptide therapy
  • Stem cell therapy (including the O-Shot Plus and P-Shot Plus training)
  • Nutrient IV therapy
  • Weight management training (intermittent fasting, carb cycling, support therapies)
  • NAD+ IV therapy for age management, chronic disease management, and drug detox therapy
  • Bioidentical hormone optimization
  • Ketamine IV therapy for depression, anxiety, chronic pain, and cognitive enhancement
  • Aesthetic medicine: BOTOX®, Fillers, Kybella®, microneedling with PRP or stem cells

An Individualized Approach

When you choose private or group training, Dr. Agin will customize the training to your practice’s individual needs and current knowledge on the subject. You’ll be provided with the exact information and resources you need to implement different offerings into your practice.

A Flexible Approach

Another one of the benefits of private or group training is the flexibility. Dr. Agin and his team can bring the training to your location and create a hands-on experience to better serve you and your staff. Additionally, practice staff can either come to our Clearwater, FL location or participate in private, live, online sessions as needed. Our flexibility enables you to get the training you need when and where you need it.

Long-Term Post-Training Support

After you complete the training sessions, we will provide you with the support you need as you work to implement these new treatments into your office. We will be available to answer questions, consult on more complex treatment plans, and help you maintain the level of confidence necessary to best serve your patients.

Learn More

The ERX Platform can help transform your operations, save you time, increase your revenue, and enable you to better serve your patients. If you’re interested in creating a My Practice Connect™ Account and using the ERX Platform to streamline your patient prescriptions and have access to different protocols, resources, and trainings, we can give you more details and help you move forward with the process.

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