Nutrient IV Therapies

nutrient iv therapies

IV Therapy provides health benefits

When done correctly, IV Therapy provides health benefits to your patients and profitability to your practice. Soaring demand for IV nutrient therapies by wellness-minded consumers make these popular treatments an ideal source of supplemental revenue for your practice. MyPracticeConnect™ provides all the tools to let you easily and quickly implement IV Therapy into your practice. With complete integrated access to both our proprietary IV protocols and our network of compounding pharmacies, you can easily prescribe therapies, manage patient information, access resources and send them to patients, and more — all without having to change your EMR system.

integrative medicine

The MyPracticeConnect™ platform

The MyPracticeConnect™ platform was created by a practicing Integrative Medicine physician who understands what it takes to succeed in the industry. Our intuitive platform is pre-loaded with the most up-to-date IV protocols and formularies, created by our top-notch medical advisory team of experienced integrative practitioners and renowned experts. Our team has formulated and implemented these protocols in private practice and through telemedicine for decades, with excellent safety profiles and treatment outcomes. Our proprietary IV protocols are compounded in a certified, licensed pharmacy using the highest-quality ingredients. We’ve helped thousands of patients reclaim and maintain their health through IV Therapy, and MyPracticeConnect™ will empower you to do the same.

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IV Protocols for medical offices
IV Protocols for Medical Spas & Wellness Facilities
We offer Hands-on physician training and support for those practitioners who want to get started with IV Therapies.